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Heart of the Matter is a short-form documentary that will serve as a companion piece to Not My Life, Worldwide Documentaries’ universally acclaimed film about global human trafficking. The project was conceived in response to the humanitarian crisis in Europe, where more than a million migrants and refugees are being neglected, dehumanized and, in what is proving to be the most egregious threat to their dignity and safety of all, exploited by human traffickers. 


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Worldwide Documentaries is deeply committed to fighting any and all violent practices that threaten the harmony and well-being of life on our planet. The slaughter of African elephants for their ivory tusks is one such practice, and we are proud to have made a short film for the Wildlife Conservation Society that describes what is being done to these precious, beautiful animals, one of the great treasures of planet Earth. Please watch The Life and Death of Elephants, narrated by Glenn Close, and share with everyone. 

Not My Life is the first film  to depict the cruel and dehumanizing practices of human trafficking and modern slavery on a global scale. Filmed on five continents, Not My Life takes viewers into a world where children are exploited everyday, through an astonishing array of practices including forced labor, domestic servitude, begging, sex tourism, sexual violence and child soldiering.


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The team at Worldwide Documentaries believes in creating films that can be used as catalysts for social change; films that give a voice to the voiceless, and inspire people to act. Worldwide Documentaries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all production, distribution, and community mobilization efforts, are funded entirely through contributions and grants.


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